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Thread: Coconut & Hard boiled eggs?

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    Default Coconut & Hard boiled eggs?

    After my baby squirrel is a good established eater and is eating her veggies good.

    Is it ok to feed her some coconut meat? Or hard boiled eggs (just the yolk). The reason I ask is I eat a coconut myself at least twice a week and after I scrape the meat out and eat most of it, I have some left over in the coconut shell. I thought it may be fun for her to nibble on the little pieces I couldn't get too. Same with eggs, I dont eat the yolk, so rather than throw it away can I give it to my Nibbles?
    Thank you all! Just making sure its safe. I know coconut must be like avocados in a way (as in dont feed too much lol) but I just want to make sure she wont get sick. Its an eastern grey squirrel.

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    I routinely feed my wilds coconut and avocado. I give my flyer the coconut shell with remnants of coconut meat, as well. Both avocado and coconut are good for her fur. And eggs are good for her if she’ll eat them. All things in moderation is my motto.

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    Default Re: Coconut & Hard boiled eggs?

    My flyer LOVES the hard boiled egg yolks. I don't give it more than 3 times a week, it seems to upset his stomach after that.
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