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Thread: Found baby bunnies didnít know where else to go...

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    Default Found baby bunnies didnít know where else to go...

    I saw a dead rabbit in our parking lot with a group of baby bunnies. Three of the five I saw, I caught. They donít seem to be harmed. No clue on age, what kind or a clue how to help them. Know an rehabbers in the D/FW area of Texas?
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    Default Re: Found baby bunnies didnít know where else to go...

    I know two squirrel rehabbers in that area very well. They rarely come on TSB but I will message them on Facebook and ask that they view your thread if they can help!

    EDIT: Just got a response from them. They don't know any individual bunny rehabbers but recommended Southlake Animal Hospital, in Southlake TX.
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