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Thread: Bloating + Diarrhea 4-5 week old

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    Default Re: Bloating + Diarrhea 4-5 week old

    So sorry for your loss.. bless her soul. <3

    Thank you for the info. Iíll do that.
    Regarding the bloating though, does Henryís carry a specific block that is a recommended choice? He has a few different ones on the site. Just want to make sure I pick the right one.

    Langley is doing great & really loving cuddle time. He has filled out quite a bit & everything seems to be perfectly on track! Iíll update pics soon.

    Thank you everyone again for all your help. Especially Javarat, you were so so kind.

  2. 2 TSBers pass along the fuzzy thanks to Nctova:

    Javarat (04-13-2019), Nancy in New York (04-13-2019)

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