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    My cat has brought me 2 approx 8/9 week old squirrels. One we find in time ,one broken arm. They appear to be same age and size so I am only assuming that their is a possibility they are siblings. If i take them to a wildlife rehabber in my area they will be euthanized. Which is why I nurse squirrels every single year. I've just never encountered one with injury like this.

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    All cat caught squirrels need to be treated with antibiotics as cat saliva is deadly to squirrels. Even a cat scratch can kill baby squirrels.

    What area of Alabama are you located... we may have experienced members in your area that may be able to offer help.

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    lukaslolamaus and lennysmom are in that general area -- maybe near you?
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    He/She is in south Alabama. I pm’d her some contact info that will hopefully be helpful.

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