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Thread: Strange poops... red???

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    Default Strange poops... red???

    hey y’all!! i have a little fox squirrel named nala that has had some diarrhea for the past couple weeks... i thought it was getting better because this morning, her poops were starting to solidify a bit (i added yogurt to help).... anyway this evening when i was feeding i noticed red flecks with slimy diarrhea... i hold the babies on a towel when i feed them so i know it was nala that pooped it out.... and then i looked in the cage and saw this slimy red poop.... what????? i checked her bottom but it doesn’t appear bloody or red, just wet.... she doesn’t appear phased by the diarrhea or the red slimy poop... i have been adding different fruits and veggies to the girls cage (there are two)... and today they were given two cherry tomatoes, halved... both of which are mostly gone.... could the tomatoes be the cause of the red poops???? i had a fecal done a week or so ago when the diarrhea first started, but the vet said it was negative.... i am just baffled... any suggestions as to what this could be or how to solve the diarrhea issue??

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    Default Re: Strange poops... red???

    Yes, it could be the tomatoes but if she has had diarrhea for the past couple of weeks that is not good. Something is wrong. Having chronic diarrhea like that can lead to all kinds of intentional issues, irritation, inflammation, hemorrhaging, etc.

    What type of formula are you feeding and also list the entire diet; are they eating block?

    Were this one of mine I would be replacing a couple feedings with Day One Diastat for the diarrhea (and extra hydration because of the diarrhea).

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