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Thread: Squirrel Blocks for baby squirrels?

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    Default Squirrel Blocks for baby squirrels?

    Hello! My babies are approaching 5 weeks, and their eyes are beginning to open! I read that I should go ahead and place some blocks into their home so that they can begin to become accustomed to the smell. I'm ordering from Henry's, but it looks like there are a few different kinds of blocks. Are there any recommendations regarding which kind of block I should get? I see that he has the original Healthy Blocks for adult squirrels, as well as Picky Blocks and Hi-Protein Blocks (which mentions that the extra protein is good for baby squirrels.) I am thinking about ordering the Hi-Protein. Any advice? Thank you in advance!!

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    Default Re: Squirrel Blocks for baby squirrels?

    Any block would be fine. I would even do a combo so they get used to several different kinds. Donít forget to freeze the blocks when you get them.
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