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Thread: Three year old squirrel possible new home?? (VA)

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    Exclamation Three year old squirrel possible new home?? (VA)

    So three years ago I rescued a baby squirrel that had its nest detroyed. Fast forward to today, I still own him and he has a nice large cage, gets fed high quality squirrel blocks and plenty of treats. All he knows it blocks and avacado. He grew up with dogs and kids, so we are afraid to release him because we know he will approach people where we live and thats not good, he would die fairly quickly in the wild. I am at a lost for what to do, I am currently in college and no longer have the time he truly needs, like play time out of the cage. He of course is possesive over food, and has bitten me a few times, which I believe comes from not having enough time out of the cage. I live in Virginia where it really is not allowed to have wildlife without being a liscened rehabilitator. I do not know what to do with Rocket, I feel as if right now he could be living a better life by being taken out all of the time. Please help me come up with solutions or possible ideas. Thank you very much.

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    This is very sad and unfortunate... I am going to add "VA" to the thread title to help catch attention of members in the areas that may be able to help.

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    Default Re: Three year old squirrel possible new home?? (VA)

    How is Rocket with other people? Often squirrels are not as friendly in an unfamiliar setting and will wild up pretty quickly. Have you thought about something like transferring him for release? Was there a reason you did not release him as a 4-5 month old?
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