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Thread: Rehabber needed near Atlanta GA

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    Default Rehabber needed near Atlanta GA

    I'm looking for someone to possibly take on these two babies I got today. They are both male, both have their eyes open or somewhat open. They have sort of taken to formula, one more than the other.
    One is smaller and much more energetic, loud, and feeds well, the larger one is quiet and sleeps most of the time so far.

    I found them at work (I work at a large park), very early this morning. No idea if they fell from the nest last night or this morning. My coworkers and I left the area and waited 8 hours before coming back to see if the mother had taken them. Unfortunately not. No squirrels were even interested in them.
    I'm pretty sure the mother was killed, there are a TON of hawks here and we typically see more than one with a squirrel in its grasps daily.

    I have the ability to raise them myself, but it is a LOT of time and care I just really can't dedicate right now to them. I can keep them for a week or so, but really need someone to take them.
    Please pass the word around!

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