So I came on about 2 weeks ago with an adult female squirrel that was hit and dragged by at least 2 cars. My initial goal was just to let her die somewhere quiet and warm and was sure she'd pass within the hour but after that hour had come and gone I began supportive care as it was clear she wasn't just giving up.

She has come a long way but still isn't eating on her own. She appears to nibble on puppy kibble and suet blocks but doesn't seem to actually be swallowing so her only real source of nutrition has been the Goats Milk Esbilac I have been giving her. She gets anywhere from 30-50 CCs 3-4 times a day. I have developed a way to minimize handling as she REALLLLY just wants to cuddle up to me and my goal is to release her if she ever recovers fully - so the range is due to me stopping when she seems to lose interest.

The main problems are:

- She is dropping weight like crazy - would upping the number of feedings per day help (I would assume yes) Should I change what she's eating?

- She is still almost exclusively circling - what are the odds that this will improve? There s no chance for independent survival as she is.