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Thread: Who’s who???

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    Question Who’s who???

    What’s the best way you’ve found to mark one squirrel from another in a large or combo litter? I used nail polish on the tips of their ears once, but it took a while to dry and ended up more of a mess than a solution.... Any suggestions??

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    I feed them and move them from one bin to the other as I feed. I haven't found a good method of marking them.
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    Somehow fingernail polish on a toenail seems to stay better than other places. I find it important to mark them in case for instance one blows milk out of its nose and I want to pay attention to that baby developing AP. I weigh babies each day so I know how much to feed when they are under six weeks and mark it down for that baby. It just helps me to keep individual records on each. Of course you don’t have to mark every one. If you have 2 boys and 2 girls in a litter, you only have to mark one of each. As they get older you can differentiate between personalities.
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    I use different colored sharpie markers and mark the inside of a rear leg. I mark the white hair more so than the skin, so it does have to be re-applied. Because I also keep a record, I make the same corresponding colored dot at the top of my record for each squirrel. It helps me to note any unusual happenings like snorting milk or loose stool, etc.

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