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Thread: clavamox dosage

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    Please can you give me the correct dosage for clavamox. I normally give one sixth of a 250mg tablet as one dose. (I mix it with a tiny drop of water and spread on a nut and cover with nutella chocolate spread.)

    These doses are a wild squirrel, therefore I give one dose per day rather than try to give 2 doses daily. So half of the 250 mg tablet divided into 3 parts again would mean that one third of the half tablet would equal one daily dose. At the moment the wild squirrel concerned visits daily but sometimes just a few visits morning only, so I have to give him one full dose per day.

    Because i was running out I managed to find someone who is going to send me 6 x 50mg of synulox (cat tablets) which I believe is the same medicine as clavamox. I was advised not to give more than half of a tablet per dose.

    The doses I have been giving with the 250mg tablets as described above have been working well so far in treating the swelling of an abscess, which has since gone down. If I were to give half the 50mg of synulox that would only be 25mg so quite a bit less than what I have been administering..?

    Thanks for any advice

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    Default Re: clavamox dosage

    That is definitely not a good way to dose. You need to take a good guess at weight and dose by weight. I will PM you the dosing.
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