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Thread: Pearl's new noises- Query

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    Default Pearl's new noises- Query

    Evening all-

    So, Pearl will be two in early June and today she has been making a soft crying noise. I can even hear her making it while she is in her nest box tonight. Any thoughts on what it could mean?


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    Default Re: Pearl's new noises- Query

    Once or twice we found our girl foxer making a mournful cry that changed pitch twice, like down up down, and a soft chuck three times following the pitch change. Even when we pet her she didn't stop right away as she would with barking, but went on for a few minutes prolonging her song. It is something squirrels do at times, perhaps about being in season, even so this isn't that time of year save her heat lasted since she didn't get pregnant of course. The only other thing I can think of is she may be in discomfort of some kind. Hard to say. You may want to very gentle palpate her bladder with the tips of your fingers to see if it hard or tender.

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