Hi everyone. Ive got 4 babies right now. I'm unsure of age but they are just starting to open their eyes. One of them has become very lethargic since yesterday. I thought maybe she was just tired but now I'm getting worried. She is 54 g and I feed her 5% body weight of formula. The formula is 2 parts powdered esbilac (the probiotic one with the dog on the label) and 1part powdered ensure. The mix is 1 part powder formula mix to 2 parts water. I feed them every 3-4 hours usually. The other 3 are doing fine. The only thing I've recently changed is adding probiotics to their formula bc of loose poops. The lethargic squirrels poops are soft but better than they were before probiotics.
She is eating but not the whole 2.5ccs anymore and she isn't as ravenous as the others.
Please let me know if you need more info. Any ideas?