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Thread: Raising baby squirrels

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    Default Raising baby squirrels

    I have been raising and releasing baby squirrels for a couple years now. I recently moved to an apartment on a main road and I wouldn’t be able to release any squirrels here. I really want to continue to help them and there is so many out there that need me when breeding time comes. I’ve been trying to think of other ways to release them. I know they are supposed to be slowly released where they are raised but I thought I’d see if anyone had any alternative ways.

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    cleolovelee was able to find a Rehabber who has a lot of land who could do a soft release for her squirrels. Maybe you could find a Rehabber in your area who would be willing to do this, too.

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    Hi stephensonandrea588

    I live in Wallkill, NY which is across the river from you. I can take your squirrels and do a soft release if you'd like. Call me if you'd like to talk and I can give you all the details about my 40 acre farm.


    Kim Cassidy
    Licensed NY Wildlife Rehabilitator

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