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Thread: Squirrel age

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    Default Squirrel age

    Is there any way to tell how old an adult squirrel is? Does the coloration of their teeth say anything or can you tell if they’ve had a litter by their nipples like you can with cats and dogs?

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    The color of a mature squirrels teeth are orange, but that doesn’t mean they’re old. They turn orange within the first year of life. Yes a female who has had a litter will have protruding nipples. A female that is nursing will have protruding nipples with the hair surrounding the nipple matted down from babies suckling.

    It seems that the older alpha male squirrels in my area seem to look really haggard and grizzly. They may have multiple battle scars from defending their territory or the mating chase. This doesn’t actually determine age, it’s just my observation.

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