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Thread: Cage cleaning ext.

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    Default Cage cleaning ext.

    Default Cleaning cage
    Hey all haven’t been on the board for a while but I have some questions. Henry has been with us now for over a year and show no interest in being moved outside. He currently is in a home made wood cage and iv noticed it just seems to smell really bad because when he pees the wood soaks it up. I’m about to move to a new house with him and am thinking bout buying a triple stack critter nation cage as my other baby squirrel Willie is in one and I have no issues with the itinerary smell. My question is what’s the best way to clean the wood in Henry’s cage as it’s still gonna have to be his cage until I can afford to by the critter nation cage. I have tired scrubbing the wood with soap and water but it just doesn’t seem to do any good any suggestions.? I have attached a picture of his cage in case you guys wanted to see it. I empty his tray every week and try to empty his stash out of his house every other week but I can’t seem to get ride of this urine smell
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    I don't know what you could do about the pee smell but that's a very nice homemade cage. I just hope there's nothing wrong with him that would make his pee smell stronger than the norm.

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    A mix of water and vinegar is a good natural way to neuterlize yucky odors.

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