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Thread: Phenobarbital and Seizure

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    Default Phenobarbital and Seizure

    They are putting my 4 yr old gray on phenobarbital for her seizures. Does anyone else have any experience with this drug?

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    Default Re: Phenobarbital and Seizure

    . I dont have any experience with seizure squirrels, but others do, so hopefully they’ll be able to answer your question.

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    I was told to use Keppra with Snickers, my epileptic grey. She was a head trauma, and the seizures started when she was about a year old. I dosed her twice daily, and she was well controlled most of the time. Both may work equally well, but when her seizures started, they were severe and in clusters. And I do know, that Keppra gets to therapeutic levels much faster ( around 24 hrs) vs phenobarbital ( around two weeks). I think this is why we chose the Keppra, because she needed help fast. Had she lived longer, I may have considered switching her /adding the phenobarbital if her seizures increased in frequency or severity. Sadly I missed the chance; the last seizure took her without warning . But we had four, wonderful, mostly symptom free years


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