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Thread: What is the best food for an adult squirrel?

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    Default What is the best food for an adult squirrel?

    What do you recommend? What are the best treats and so on? Supplements? I just want to know I’m giving him the very best.

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    Default Re: What is the best food for an adult squirrel?

    Are you referring to a non-release squirrel? If so, then a good quality rodent block like Harlan Teklad (Envigo), Henry’s Healthy Bites, Mazuri or Oxbow needs to be given. The difference between these brands is that Henry’s is a supplemental block where 2-3 are given per day in addition to healthy veggies from the Squirrel healthy food pyramid (in the Squirrel Nutrition section). The other brands of block are free-feeding, they can have as many as they want. You will still want to offer some healthy veggies for variety, but you wouldn’t have to as long as they are consuming the block. In my experience the Henry’s is accepted very well, is a little pricey and must be purchased online. Of the other blocks the Harlan is accepted the best and can be ground up and used to make boo balls (recipes in the nutrition section) which makes it more readily accepted. It must also be ordered online. Block is imperative to keep a captive squirrel healthy and prevent metabolic bone disease.

    The healthy squirrel food pyramid lists the veggies, fruits and wild food items that are best. Treats like nuts are limited and the best nuts are listed. Henry’s makes a peanut stick that is a healthy treat. I give it occasionallyand it is well liked.

    A non release squirrel must also get sunlight several rimes a week or have exposure to a reptile UVA/UVB light in order to get the necessary Vitamin D.

    No supplements are needed provided your squirrel eats a rodent block.

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