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Thread: Vet recommendations please

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    Default Vet recommendations please

    Not sure if I am posting this correctly or in the right spot, so I apologize in advanced. I am looking to see if anyone can reccomend a good vet anywhere from Venice, Fl up through Tampa. I am willing to drive a few hours if needed (just a girl and her squirrel on a road trip...) Specifically I am looking for someone with teeth experience. Long story short my squirrel Donut, is 8 years old, and is having some teeth issues. He has had an upper respiratory infection for some time, my first vet trip I was told the teeth were fine, my second vet trip attempt they put him under to actually get a good look and his upper incisors were at gum level and his lowers were stabbing him, possibly leading to the infection. So he was put on antibiotics, his lowers trimmed and now one of his uppers is growing back, but not the other. The vet is suggesting removing the ďbadĒ upper to get rid of this infection. He admits though that heís never done a squirrel before, but seems knowledgeable about the anatomy of the tooth root and that itís not an easy yank. Sooooo..... Iím hunting to see if there are other more expirenced vets to undertake this procedure if necessary. Iíve read on here that Dr Alicia Emerson is a good vet for teeth. Anyone else, possibly on West coast, though again i am willing to drive if needed. Sorry for the long rant, Iím a wreck and just want my sweet boy to be okay. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Vet recommendations please

    Dr. Emerson in Port Orange, FL is the best tooth vet. People go from all over the country to see her.
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    Default Re: Vet recommendations please

    The vet is correct and removing a squirrels tooth requires much more then a "yank."
    From what you describe he's showing signs of a possible odontoma and you definitely want a
    very experienced vet to handle that as it's a very involved
    procedure then just removing
    a tooth. Travel to Dr. Emerson.
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    Default Re: Vet recommendations please

    No one at all on the west coast. 100% Dr.Emerson. She is the best.

    More than likely there is much more than a bad tooth. Very likely to be odontoma.

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    Default Re: Vet recommendations please

    Dr. Zellner Avian Animal Hospital in Largo (Clearwater area) sees a lot of squirrels.
    She may be good for an initial consult to see what's wrong.
    That said as many others mentioned the vet known for teeth issues is Emerson.
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