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Thread: Anyone need a squirrel sibling?

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    Default Anyone need a squirrel sibling?

    I have a 12 week old squirrel. Her name is Pumpkin. Iím very attached to her and she to me but I fear she is very lonely. Iíve been increasingly been getting more busy and I donít want her to be unhappy. Itís a really hard decision for me and I love her so much but I feel she would live a better life if someone was able to spend more time with her and who possibly had other squirrels as well. I live in Tampa, FL. If anyone is interested in adopting her please let me know.

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    Default Re: Anyone need a squirrel sibling?

    Bumping. Most squirrels are somewhat solitary in nature, they will bond to a single human but are not likely to get along with other squirrels. Another option if she is healthy, would be to perform a soft-release. This is a process taking 3-5 weeks where the squirrel is moved to an outdoor cage and allowed to slowly wild up before releasing.

    Here are details for soft release if this is an option.

    Squirrels really are happy when they are free and in the trees and they will often stick around your yard and continue to be a friend although it is on their terms!
    See my wild squirrel adventures in the thread "Squirtle's yard!":!

    See the sisters Pip and Nip!!

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    Default Re: Anyone need a squirrel sibling?

    Check your PM's.
    We have a single similar age.
    It's a little late in the game but they may accept each other with a slow process.

    They can then be released together. They really do much better through the stresses of a release with a partner.
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