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The Septra (I think this is what the rehabber meant) may do, too. It is slower acting than the clavamox would be but it does work with abscesses. I would personally use the outdated clavamox if it has been carefully stored, but this other med will do, too.

The problem with just going with draining and not following up with antibiotics is that it can be all but impossible to get ALL of the gunk out, AND it can reform (which is why the will put in a drain sometimes). Abscesses really need both - the antibiotics need the infection to be "debulked" before it can clean up the remaining infection, and the infection needs the antibiotics to prevent the abscess from reforming.

Septra is slow, so I would think at LEAST 10 days on it. Make sure the squirrel drinks plenty when on Septra - it can be hard on the kidneys otherwise.
Thanks for that. CritterMom. In that case I think maybe I should go for the clavmox. It's a scored tablet and says 250 on the pack so it must mean 250mg and if I remember correctly I have to cut the tablet in half and then cut each half into 3 pieces. And is it one piece for one dose a day mixed with a bit of warm water and added to food? If he is not taking the antibiotics then maybe I should consider the convenia shot as it has worked on MyBushyTail's squirrels.