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Thread: Am I doing this right?

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    Default Am I doing this right?

    We have to keep our little girl through the winter. Shes about 15 weeks now and to me she seems small, 352 grams. Shes getting 2-3 HHBs daily, oxbow chow and veggies (cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, brussel sprouts). The fur on the back of her neck seems weird to me. It separates when she looks down the way a birds feathers do when they look down. She also paces across the front of her cage. I get her out as much as I can. With multiple dogs, its hard to balance. She just wants to explore and they just want to eat her. Anyways, I guess Im just feeling again like I dont know what Im doing and need to find out if there is more I should be doing.

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    Your diet sounds perfect. I would probably give only 2HHBs. I know they waste a lot and don't consume the entire block. You could add a few favorites, sugar snap peas, avocado or butternut squash.

    The problem with the pacing is that your girl is near the age that we would typically release if this was spring or summer. It's pretty common for them to get impatient near 4 months or release time. Unfortunately that's not going to be possible right now. Overwintering can be very difficult but it's the only way to assure their survival. There are threads about providing enrichment that can provide activities or toys that can distract them from boredom. Cava has a thread with many of her ideas as she overwintered 4 last year.

    I understand the situation with the dogs. Please be careful. There are horror stories on this board of dogs that 'accidentally' got to caged squirrels. It wasn't planned but it had tragic results.

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