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Thread: Looking for help in NC

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    Default Looking for help in NC

    Thanks for adding me. I have a 1 1/2yr. old female gray squirrel who I have raised from an infant. She never developed her upper teeth and I have been trimming her bottom teeth. I have been trying to find a vet here who would be willing to see her without turning her in as NC has a crazy law about no squirrels as pets. Tonight she broke off one of her bottom teeth and I live alone, so I can't really see what the true damage is as she is frazzled and I can't get her mouth open very well as it is very painful for her. Does anyone know a vet in NC that see's squirrels? It would be good for her to have a general check up as well. But i'm very concerned about the tooth. Willing to drive. I live in Sanford, NC which is about 45 minutes from Raleigh. Thanks for any help

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    Dr. Dan should be the one in your area.
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