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Thread: Squirrel nutrition without H's blocks

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    Default Squirrel nutrition without H's blocks

    I tried to order Henry's block online but the delivery costs are too high for me. I live in Italy and I would have paid 40-50 dollars just for the shipping...
    My question is :- How could I give my squirrel a balanced diet without blocks?
    I usually give him vegetables, some fruits and nuts but I want to give him all the nutrients he needs.
    - Can you give me some advices?

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    Default Re: Squirrel nutrition without H's blocks

    You can feed rodent block (what people buy and feed their pet rats). It's not gerbil or hamster food. It's not bunny or chinchilla food.

    If you've already given fruit and nut baby may not take it but it is the first food after formula that baby should be allowed to have. It will offer complete nutrition once baby refuses formula as he ages.

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    Default Re: Squirrel nutrition without H's blocks

    Some options:

    See if you can find any of these locally or within the EU. A regular diet of these type rodent blocks plus some veggies is the single best thing (but not the only things needed) you can do to keep your squirrel healthy!
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