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Thread: Flying baby squirrel assistance

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    Default Flying baby squirrel assistance

    The other night I was walking my dog and she found a southern flying baby squirrel and tried to kill it so i got it from her. He was in shock but I fed him a homemade pedialite every few hours and then got Petlac by Petag, the kitten milk replacement because Esbilac was all out. He was doing great, crawling everywhere, active, but then last night my dog got to him again and for the last 12 hours heís been lethargic, dragging his back legs if whenever he tries to craw which was barely at all, and he just pooped for the first time since I found him Friday night and there was blood. Did my dog crush something inside? Iíve had him on a sock filled with warm rice for the last hour. I fed him this morning and then again a couple hours later but I fed him the pedialite and then his formula and he threw up maybe half an hour after and I think itís because he was too full... please help me, I donít know what to do. I donít want to I lose Gunther I love him very much. I tried feeding him an hour ago and he wouldnít take it and has barely moved at all

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    That formula is no good for him. I know with a gray if you can't find esbilac you can make a temporary goats milk formula. The throwing up could be a formula issue or an injury issue. It's really just too difficult to tell without seeing him. It says you are in Florida. If you can tell us which city we may be able to give you the name of an experienced vet. BUT if you want to continue to care for him you need to make sure that your dog can't get to him. If you are unable to do that I would suggest you contact a rehabber and turn him over to them. I know you love him, they are SO easy to love, but you don't want your dog to kill him.

    Here's the Goats Milk Formula:

    3 parts goatís milk
    1 part heavy whipping cream
    1 part vanilla full fat yogurt

    Formula will last 48 hours in refrigerator.

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    Default Re: Flying baby squirrel assistance

    Are you stimulating him to go after each feeding? Like Jen said, that formula is no good. He will die quickly if you don't do everything right. I think his best chance of survival is to get him to an experianced rehabber ASAP. Raising a healthy baby with no squirrel experiance is challenging, raising an injured or compromised baby with no experiance is almost definitely a death sentence for him. And your dog got to him again?! I'm sorry to say this, but he might not be savable at all. Please do whatever you can to get him to someone right away. People on this board will help you.
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    Default Re: Flying baby squirrel assistance

    I absolutely agree that this little guy needs to get to an experienced wildlife vet ASAP. Flyers are so tiny that even a little blood loss could be deadly.

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