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Thread: Anyone know about squirrel teeth?

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    Default Anyone know about squirrel teeth?

    The baby I'm rehabbing was found at, I think, around 5 weeks, but not sure. It's been a month and she weighs 10 ounces. One of her bottom teeth looks to be broken. When she eats she holds her head sideways. She is still drinking formula and eats 3 henrys blocks daily as well as occasional fruit and vegetables. Do their teeth come in separately? If it is broken, will she grow another one? Will this keep her from a healthy life outside? Thanks for the advise. This site has been a wealth of information that I greatly appreciate!

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    Default Re: Anyone know about squirrel teeth?

    Hi Stephanie.
    If you are able to, upload a pic of the teeth so someone here who would be best answering this can get a visual to see.

    What formula are you feeding and how often?

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    Default Re: Anyone know about squirrel teeth?

    A picture would be extremely helpful.

    Squirrel (rodent) teeth (incisors) are like hairs, they grow throughout their entire lives. It is important that the top and lower incisors come together correctly so they wear down evenly. Otherwise the results can be deadly.

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    Default Re: Anyone know about squirrel teeth?


    I wanted to give you a link to the Healthy Diet.

    3 Henry's blocks are too many for a baby. The Henry's blocks are a supplement block and should be limited. A baby should only get one block per day. An adult grey squirrel would get 2 while a larger grey or Fox squirrel would get three. I would give the baby one Henry's block and healthy veggies. Try kale, sugar snap peas, mushrooms or hard squashs like acorn squash or butternut.

    Teeth can be problematic if they are abnormal. A squirrel must be able to keep their own teeth filed or they will overgrow. The teeth must be trimmed if the squirrel can't keep them filed. A wild (outside) squirrel with overgrown teeth will die as the teeth puncture the palate or penetrate tissue of the face.

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