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Thread: My baby Sebastian is feeling better😊

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    Default My baby Sebastian is feeling better😊

    So this poor little guy has been through so much since I found him on 25 Sep. He is healing well from his abscesses. Still on AB. Diarrhea from AB is finally gone. Thanks to rice cereal, baby banana, and probiotic. I know that he is still not out of the woods, but everyday is a blessing!
    A couple of questions to ask now that the very serious ones were addressed.

    1. Sebastian has little tiny sneezes pretty often. Malocclusion?

    2. His little poopies are dark, should they be lighter?

    3. As a result of the 6 days of diarrhea, he has inflammation on his penis, rectum and base of tail(even lost some hair). I have tried using baby aquaphor, and A&D, neither seem to be working fast enough for me. I have also kept this area very clean with warm saline. I have created a tiny little squirrel diaper out of cotton squares and strips of clean white t shirts as he does urinate without stimulation when he sleeps.

    4. He has very tiny scab like spots on his skin, mainly the base of his skull. Not big enough to see, but now that I am handling him more I have noticed them. I carefully removed a couple and looked at them through my loupes. They were not bugs. They just looked like Very tiny scabs. Should I be concerned with this? Any ideas of what this could be? Of course I am reading everything and worry about mange and squirrel pox😳

    5. He is so picky and will not drink his formula😑 without the addition of either whole milk yogurt or baby banana. Is that ok? How much is ok to add. Ratio? What about the rice cereal. Should I stop that since the diarrhea is gone?
    He is 184 grams... should I now add rodent block, or wait until meds stop?
    What is the healthiest, BEST product?

    6. His hind legs and tail are paralyzed. Anything that I should watch for? I have noticed the twitching and understand that I may need to give him gabapentin. Can someone elaborate on that for me.

    I appreciate any advice, he is my very first squirrel baby and I just love him! I may Be overthinking some of this, but I do not want to make any mistakes. Especially when I have this group of experienced squirrel people to help me through this. Thank you so much for all of the advice and help so far. If it weren’t for you, he would not be with me today. Really admire your dedication and love!!! 💜🐿☮️

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    Default Re: My baby Sebastian is feeling better😊

    Great news. I won't give any advice; others can help with that. If anything is urgent, change this to the Emergency Thread or send a private message to an administrator. Main thing is, YOU'RE ON IT!
    We live in a heaven created by our virtues --- Muktananda

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