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Thread: nearly 8 weeks old - diarrhea for three days

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    Default Re: nearly 8 weeks old - diarrhea for three days

    I know it's been a while, but here is an update on Mavis!! She is doing GREAT!!!!!!!! She is still on meds, but still has no diarrhea!! She has well formed solid little squirrel sprinkles!! She has also gained a LOT of weight and is filling out nicely.

    Here is the weight on everyone as of 2:45 PM October 11:

    Mavis - 200g
    Charlie - 287g
    Basil - 340g

    Can you believe it??? I am still feeding Mavis formula two to three times a day, and now at 7%. They all gets fresh fruits and veggies (apple, avocado, corn, carrots, sweet potato, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumber, mushrooms, green leaf lettuce), squirrel blocks (twice daily), and everyone gets one pecan in the shell (precracked) each day as a treat. She is doing splendidly!!!!! She has about a half a week or so left on her meds, and then the real test begins. But, I am optimistic because she is already doing so well. Hopefully she has regained enough tummy strength to sustain her even after the meds are done. I will keep you guys updated. Yay!!

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    Default Re: nearly 8 weeks old - diarrhea for three days

    Great! She gained 51 grams in 7 days!
    She was only gaining 2 per day last month.. now its 7 per day!!!

  3. Serious fuzzy thank you's to Javarat from:

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