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Thread: Need a compassionate rehabber for E.G.

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    Unhappy Need a compassionate rehabber for E.G.

    Hi everyone,
    I need to find a rehabber in Oregon or Southern Washington who is compassionate and will not euthanize to help with release of an Eastern Gray. She is a beautiful girl about 3 months old, Iíve been rehabbing her since week 1. She is a single, mom and siblings were killed by dogs, and Iím worried she needs more socialization before release in the spring. Iím willing to travel a few hours and help with costs. I will NOT allow her to be euthanized, so if I canít find help Iíll just do my best for her. I love my Maple 🍁, but she is not my pet and I want to release her to have a full life, can someone help me please?

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    Default Re: Need a compassionate rehabber for E.G.

    Actually, singletons do fine when released. Of course, it's better to release with a friend but many singletons have been released and have no problems. They go through a slow release process. It involves putting them in a release cage for weeks while you continue to feed them. This acclimated them to the sights and sounds of outside while providing the safety of the release cage. Once released they can return to the nest box in the cage as long as they need and eventually they don't return to the cage and prefer life in the trees.

    You are lucky in that you have an awesome Center probably near you.
    They are located in Vancouver, Wa and can help you. You can 100% trust them.
    This is very important. DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER CENTER in your state. They WILL euthanize.

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    Smile Re: Need a compassionate rehabber for E.G.

    That makes me feel much better that she would be okay as a singleton. I planned on doing a slow release in the spring, and if she will be okay socially then I may just do it at my location. I will look up the Vancouver rehab though! Thank you for your response!!

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