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Thread: Doug's Buddy weighs 82g but looks 6 weeks old?

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    Default Re: Doug's Buddy weighs 82g but looks 6 weeks old?

    You are doing great...oh how I remember the stress levels of that first found love. Listen to everything the Pro's on here recommend and insist on. They will never steer you wrong! Guessing is always a bad choice.
    Bless you for saving your baby, and I pray the other siblings are all ok. You are earning your wings to heaven, ya' know ...

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    Default Re: Doug's Buddy weighs 82g but looks 6 weeks old?

    Quote Originally Posted by DougsBuddy View Post
    Update: Buddy is doing great! He's up to 15 cc per feeding and weighs 158 grams 😁 so happy he's thriving!
    I'm so glad he's doing well but you're overfeeding him. His stomach capacity is 5-7% of his body weight, you're feeding about 10%

    He should still gain weight on 5-7% which is 8-11 ml per feeding. These babies will eat until they pop. It can cause tummy issues, including diarrhea. Better to keep him on track and YOU decide how much he eats, not him. Meanwhile, feel free to put a rodent block in his cage so he can learn to nibble on that in between feedings. Weigh him every day or every other day and increase his amounts as needed based on weight gain.

    Keep up the great work!

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