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Thread: Transitioning from GMF to Fox Valley 20/50

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    Question Transitioning from GMF to Fox Valley 20/50

    I've got a little guy who I'm guessing is pretty close to 4 weeks old now but I'm not quite sure. He could be about 3 weeks. When his eyes open it will help me calculate how old he was when he came to us. He is an Eastern gray squirrel I can see the brown on his face now, his tail is getting lighter gray and it's very fuzzy. His eyes have changed in the couple weeks I've had him, that is to say I can tell that he can detect light because he'll squeeze them more shut (if that's possible &#128518 My Fox Valley formula came in the mail today and I wondered what the best way to transition of him off of the goat milk formula we've been using and onto this new squirrel formula would be. He's been on gmf for about 2 weeks now. Any sages out there with this info? Thank you!

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    Default Re: Transitioning from GMF to Fox Valley 20/50

    I have always read to do 75% old formula/25% new for a couple of feedings, then 50%/50% for a couple of feedings then 25% old formula/75% new formula for a couple of feedings then 100% new formula. You want the transition to be gradual over several days. Wait till his eyes open to transition. Is he gaining ok on the GMF?

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