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Thread: Adult squirrel with upper respiratory infection

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    Default Re: Adult squirrel with upper respiratory infection

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiko View Post
    I'm pretty sure this center does not do xrays. What do other rehabbers do in situations where they may need an xray to determine things like Odontoma or MBD?
    I do have a vet that agreed to work with me when I get my license but I'm sure this stuff is going to be coming out of my pocket, I would imagine just an xray would be pricey.. but then if its Odontoma, that would require surgery, I wouldn't think my vet would be doing this voluntarily, but I haven't asked her. She did sign a paper from the state that states she is not expected to do anything free of charge. Maybe this is why the center doesn't bother to check for these things because of the costs? I just want to be prepared if something like this falls into my hands. I am prepared and able to cover costs for orphans for formulas cages ect but what about those unexpected emergencies?
    Maybe I should start a go fund me page or something to ask for donations to cover costs of emergency situations?

    With rehabbing there can be costs that will take the bread right off your table....
    Personal rehabbing is totally out of pocket, having a vet to work with is ideal but those costs are also out
    of our own pockets and yes x-rays are expensive.
    What do we do? We rob Peter to pay Paul, go in debt, and do without ourselves to help save these babies.

    The majority of vets know very little about Odomtoma and know little of the surgery for Odomtoma or
    even capable of doing the surgery. There are only two known to our members that can do the surgery.
    Only one expert with a high success rate that knows how to deal with the removal and the complications.
    The other is being instructed by this expert.
    State Licensed
    Wildlife Master Rehabilitator

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    Default Re: Adult squirrel with upper respiratory infection

    Thanks everyone for your help in answer my questions. This board has been so helpful, I'm so thankful that I will have all of you to help me on this journey in helping squirrels

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