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Thread: Clipping baby nails?

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    Default Clipping baby nails?

    I wondered if its ok to clip baby squirrels nails?

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    Default Re: Clipping baby nails?

    There really is no good reason to clip a baby’s nails and if you clip too short you can cause considerable pain. How old is your squirrel?
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    Default Re: Clipping baby nails?

    TD is right, you can't clip enough for it to really make a difference and their quicks are very close to the end so there is a high risk of cutting it and bleeding.

    How old are your babies? There are enrichment and activities they can engage in that will help wear them down a bit but they are built to have the strong and sharp nails so they can climb and navigate trees without falling, dig for food and to protect themselves. They don't retract like a cat and as a squirrel rehabber, it's just a part of loving them. Hoodies and sweats are good protection.

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    Default Re: Clipping baby nails?

    I’ve never ever had a reason to clip squirrels nails. Is he going to be released?
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