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    My squirrel won't take her calcium dosage I'm worried she will
    Get mbd again I tried force feeding her but she screams and runs away I've also tried mixing calcium with orange juice it worked for a few days but she won't have it please help

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    to TSB.

    Not sure what is meant by she won't take her calcium dosage... if her diet were balanced, a calcium dosage is not necessary. On the flip side, if a calcium dosage is necessary her diet needs to be adjusted so let's start with diet...

    What is her diet? Specifically, what would she eat typically each day? Not necessarily what she is provided, but what of what is provided is actually eaten?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatoneguy View Post
    My squirrel won't take her calcium dosage I'm worried she will
    Get mbd again I tried force feeding her but she screams and runs away I've also tried mixing calcium with orange juice it worked for a few days but she won't have it please help
    So I take it she had MBD before. Have you seen this diet? It's the only diet to follow:

    Like Spanky said with the right diet Cal supplements are not necessary
    Sophie Squirrel
    Long Term Squirrel Care & Prairie Dog Behaviorist

    This is the only recommended diet for captive squirrels. Link:

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    If your squirrel refuses to eat a rodent block diet which contains both mineral, vitamin, etc. supplements, try grinding it up and making a dough form recipe like "Boo Balls" (recipe in Nutrition forum). Including puréed organic fruit, and organic virgin coconut oil to bind the ingredients together as a number of our members use.

    These rodent block sources available presently contain base ingredients of corn, soybean meal, fishmeal, etc. aren't optimal in support of long-term health, but sufficient to support the purpose of raising to release tree squirrels back to the wild. Presently the best option on the market is "Henry's Healthy Blocks" online for adult tree squirrels, which doesn't include corn, corn gluten, soy, or fishmeal, the specific ingredients listed as key ingredients in most rodent block diets, which are notably high in anti-nutrients that lower the bioavailability of calcium, and phosphorus.

    To my present knowledge, save for "Envigo HT 2016 global Rat Diet" to my knowledge, is the only diet available that presently offers the optimal closer ratio of Calcium to Magnesium that has been found in recent research in rats to offer greater support in bone mineralization, and increased bone compression strength. The downside again for this diet as the others, save for the HHB block diets, is that they contains corn, soybean oil, and corn gluten. Instead of compromising in this regard to get the more optimal Ca:Mg ratio, add Magnesium Citrate to the diet to bring it up to a 3:1 Ca:Mg. ratio, which is inexpensive to do. The least costly source of Magnesium Citrate is bulk powder from "Frontier Naturals", that is available on

    If all these options have been tried and your squirrel is still being rejected with consistency, don't give up yet, try a drop of the Chia oil from, "Foods Alive" on the block to see if that changes your squirrel's mind; it has been found to do so for some squirrels.

    If this still fails to support your squirrel's appetite to eat a block source consider using the mineral mix from HHB to make up a dough ball recipe with the same organic virgin coconut oil, organic puréed fruit or applesauce), and minimally processed organic whey protein concentrate (non-denatured protein), organic low fat plain yogurt, "Green Valley lactose free plain yogurt", or "Stonyfield Creamy Plain low fat yogurt", with organic Chia seed oil (Foods Alive food grade source), organic pumpkin seed oil (Oil seed company) both available on . You can add in the ground organic Pecans, and/or English walnuts, and Styrian pumpkin seeds. Other specific sources that help to complete the complement of nutrients can be added, making this a doable though not as convenient option. For assistance on sources and measures PM me.

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