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Thread: pneumonia

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILoveMyThing1&2 View Post
    Update- she is doing much better than she was last night I've been mixing the formula/water 80 /20. She is peeing she is crawling around feeding every 2 hrs the first time she could only take 0 .5, the second she took 0.6, third 0.7 so Im letting her move at her own pace.

    Good job and thank you for the update. It's very helpful when giving advice to help. Hope she continues to improve

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    Mel1959 (04-19-2018), Nancy in New York (04-18-2018)

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    Great! . Itís good that you have a record. It sounds like she is improving. Iím thrilled to hear that. Please continue to let us know.

  4. Serious fuzzy thank you's to Mel1959 from:

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