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Thread: Forsythia?

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    Default Forsythia?

    Can squirrels eat forsythia branches?

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    Default Re: Forsythia?

    The best tell sign if you are not sure is to watch and see if the wild squirrels are
    eating the plant for food, but I do know this plant is safe for cats and dogs.

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    Default Re: Forsythia?

    From Asia, giant species from China, import to US.

    With not allot known about this plant from.

    What this notes is that this source has a 'minimal potential for toxicity'.

    That said, it contains glycosides, that commonly bond to toxic substances like cyanide.

    Since there is no way to know what the compounds are due to insufficient data on this source,

    it is best not to offer this for a squirrel to chew on. .

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    My squirrels are given forsythia not in great abundance....but when it blooms I give them a few...and when I prune them back I give them a few...never had a problem and I've seen over the years where a few others have given it to their squirrels I believe some of the issue is with squirrels ingesting the squirrels eat little of the branches they get...they enjoy shredding them into millions of pieces
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