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Rocky is better.

We started feeding him blueberries. We also feel (long story) that a major contributor to his condition was palm oil in the almond butter we would give him from time to time by dipping carrots into it just enough to entice him to eat the whole carrot piece.

His eyes were so cloudy he could barely move. He was falling and barely moving. Over the few months after my last post his eyes slowly got better. His right eye almost completely cleared up. His left eye still has a white dot in the middle but it is far smaller than it was. He runs from time to time and no longer falls off of the things he climbs up. Some of that could be adaptation but I do feel confident he improved.

I wish I could give you more. I saw no evidence he was in the kind of pain one would expect if his condition was caused by glaucoma but I never was able to get him checked by a vet.

You are in the tight place though. The people on this board will steer you right.

I really hope your squirrel can get thru this and get better.
Ok. Great news. She eats all kinds of greens and such. Henry blocks and what not. So I was curious if you tried the terramycin at all. I have given her blueberries before and will again.