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Thread: Help needed with a chew happy squirrel

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    Default Help needed with a chew happy squirrel

    My one year old handicapped eastern grey female, G, has recently had nuts cut out of her diet completely for a while since she was getting a little aggressive when she got them. She has been an angel ever since other than her constant obsession with getting into my closet (i have cleaned the closet out of all the nuts). She has tried to dig under the door which resulted in the destruction of the carpet in that area, and she has chewed the bottom of my door. When The closet is open she loves to play in it— which I have no problem with but she is chewing my hangers while she’s in there. She has two sticks in the room to chew on, in addition to me bringing her things from outside about 2-3 times a week. I was debating on spraying something at the bottom of the closet door to deter her from wanting to chew it, but I am not sure what to use that wouldn’t smell up my bedroom. If anyone has any suggestions to fix my problem, I would greatly appreciate it and so would my little muffin.

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    Default Re: Help needed with a chew happy squirrel

    I actually stapled a strip of hardware cloth across the bottom of the door mine was chewing.
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    Default Re: Help needed with a chew happy squirrel

    I hot glued fake fur to the wooden window sills and nobody chews them anymore. Who wants that in their mouth??

    Now they just wipe yogurt face on it and I'm shaking my head in disgust.

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    We screwed a piece of molding at the bottom of all the doors Rose isn't allowed to enter and she lost interest.

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