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Thread: Concerned about my Groundhog plz help

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    Hi. I am looking for information about groundhogs. since they are the largest of the squirrel family and i cant seem to find a groundhog forum, I
    thought I would try here for some info. I rescued a very young baby hog from dogs who had just killed his mother and started to attack him. I happened to pull into my drive when i saw the ghastly sight, I blew my horn and jumped out on the dogs and they ran off. Leaving the injured little boy. Well I gathered him up, him a warm box to sleep in and super glued his little torn skin back together. went to purchase infant animal formula , bedding, bottles etc. I did'nt think he would live at first. sorry i ramble on. He is now a beautiful 3 yr old male whistle pig. And we love him very very much. about two weeks ago he started wheezing and breathing somewhat heavier than he ever use to. Of course this scares me badly. We would be heart broken if he were to pass. I have access to several antibiotics . He still gets around very well and climbs, runs, plays, whenever he feels like it. again i ramble. any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. also its winter and he doesn't eat as much as he does in the spring, summer, fall. he loves corn, green beans, cucumber, a few almonds from time to time, lettuce, kale, and i scald him milk a few times a week and give him when its cooled down. I am sorry to go on, and on. but i am worried about my pretty boy. He's the best pet I've ever had!

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