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Thread: hurts to pee

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    Default hurts to pee

    When Georgie my six year old female grey squirrel pees she chips first like it hurts her to start to pee. everything else is fine but this worries me. what should I do for her

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    Is her urine yellow or clear? Is she passing a normal amount of urine ar a decreased amount? Is there any blood in the urine? Is she still drinking water? Is she sleeping more? What’s her diet like? What does she actually eat?

    You might try to locate some antibiotics such as Augmentin (people)/ Clavamox (animal), Cipro (people)/ Baytril (animal) or SMZ-TMP (Bactrim, Sulfatrim). Call around to family and friends. You just need one pill. If you can locate some medication and you know the mg. of the pill and you have a weight on your squirrel someone will be able to help you break it down and tell you the amount to administer, if necessary.

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    Get some urine saliva pH testing strips. When there is a UTI the pH should be high from the bacteria that causes this issue. Rehabbers please elaborate on treatment.

    Another possible cause is bladder calcium crystals:

    Different types of stones are:

    •Struvite, which is made up of magnesium ammonium phosphate. They are found in highly alkaline urine and often a concurrent urinary tract infection is present. They tend to be the most common type of urolith.

    •Calcium oxalate, and Cystine, found in acidic urine.

    •Ammonium acid urate, and Silicate uroliths, found in neutral to acidic urine.
    A high (alkaline) mean urine pH is promoted by a diet that is too alkaline in pH from too great a proportion of raw green foods in the diet, that provoke the body to dump calcium phosphate to maintain the homeostasis of blood serum. This leads to the formation of Calcium phosphate crystals which over time build up in the bladder, and begin to abraid the lining. If this not uncommon dietary error is not corrected by reducing or removing the darkest greens in the diet that promote this condition, even so antibiotics may knock down the initial infection, it will reoccur, and may lead to a secondary infection of the kidneys and even early mortality.

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