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Thread: Optional treatments for Anxiety and/or OCD in tree squirrels

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    Default Optional treatments for Anxiety and/or OCD in tree squirrels

    One of a number of companies in California, that offer a source of 'CBD' now legally available to the public for personal use, is produced by, "Green Gorilla". Their product sheet notes that they combine pure CBD extracted from organic Non GMO Hemp, with Extra Virgin and Olive oil, for subliqual use delivery. Olive oil supports the uptake of the CBD compounds, just as it has been found in lab research to support the uptake of other compounds in rats. The info card I got also notes that their CBD oil has absolutely no psychoative properties, or HTC, and is good not just for humans, but also, "great for dogs, cats, and other animals of all shapes and sizes". How I came to learn of this source as at a local horseshow where they presented. There. I got to ask about the use of this product, and learned that it has been useful to use in pain management, reduce pain from old injuries, and from arthritis in both humans and animals, that can increase mobilty, and also reduce stress.

    You can contact the company at

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