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Thread: Advice for 2 year old squirrel in Dallas

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    Default Advice for 2 year old squirrel in Dallas

    Hi! So, I'm in quite the bind and would love any advice ..

    My husband rescued a fox squirrel that fell from the nest (and was swiftly picked up by one of our dogs) at around 4 weeks. We didn't think the squirrel would make it ... but here we are, almost 2 years later! I tried to find the squirrel (Captain Brittles) a new home during that time, but my husband was convinced he would have the time to take care of him so I, being the amazing wife that I am, went with the flow. We started a new business this year and now I'm 7 months pregnant. And guess what? I'm the one taking care of the squirrel every day! But don't worry, I still love my husband... but hate to see Captain Brittles not have as much socialization time.

    I'm a very realistic person and know that Captain will not be given the attention he needs when our first child is born. I also know that we can't really release him at 2 years old. I couldn't give him a death sentence like that.

    Finding someone to take him is also scary because of the risk of being immediately euthanized. And I've had ZERO luck finding someone in the area who would take an adult squirrel.

    I would be willing to travel if we found the right home. I'm just not sure what to do and am stressed out about having him as we get closer to the baby.

    Any advice welcome! Thank you all! Attachment 295253Attachment 295253
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    Default Re: Advice for 2 year old squirrel in Dallas

    Heís certainly a cutie, Thank you for rescuing him. Have you contacted any of the DFW Rehabilitation centers? Or checked for a wildlife rehabilitator near Dallas? Iíll PM you a very wonderful woman in Fort Worth that is a licensed wildlife rehabber. Thank you for continuing to try and help captain Brittles.

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