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Thread: Crow attack --> 5 week old

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    Default Crow attack --> 5 week old


    Just rescued a 5 week old from 2 crows who were attacking him. He had a peck wound on his forehead (no blood), bloody nose and mouth. He also had a bloody wound on his tail. Is anyone aware of any particular disease threats from crows?

    I put bacitracin on his tail and gave him a dose of Baytril, just-in-case. I've had him 2 1/2 days, now. He's eating 6 cc's Fox Valley 5 times a day. He's peeing and pooping normally. None of his limbs are broken. No seizures and no sign of abnormal movement, as yet, so I'm thinking if he did get a concussion, he's revering w/o any critical signs.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    PS The 2 brothers from different mothers you all helped me with when they came in are doing very, very well! Thank you so very much, and whoever said that after you get one squirrels ... others seem to follow, WOW. You guys weren't kidding. I have 4 squirrels, now. One is big and healthy enough to release now that he's fattened up a bit. He was just in the wrong place (where a bunch of feral cats lived behind a shopping mall) and I've found a lovely territory for him with people who put water and

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    Default Re: Crow attack --> 5 week old

    Oooh. Darn. Crows can be dangerous to have around any baby animal. Glad to hear you caught them with it and too him away...Don't forget to bump your thread once in awhile till someone who can help catches your thread.

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    Default Re: Crow attack --> 5 week old

    Sounds like you are on top of this, great rescue! Crows are dangerous to young squirrels, you saved him from a terrible death! I am not aware of any infectious issue related to crow pecks but the Cipro may not be a bad idea anyway. I would just watch hime closely, especially the crow caused injuries.
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    Default Re: Crow attack --> 5 week old

    Yeah, sounds like you are doing well. Keep broken skin clean and dry as it heals.Keep his housing clean and with fresh blankets daily. You can put the antibiotic ointment on it once or twice a day. Monitor for signs of infection (redness, swelling, heat in the area, discharge/puss, or other changes like not eating, lethargy, etc.)

    Can you post some photos? Thank you for saving another!

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