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Thread: Highly recommended rehabber in Illinois

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    Default Highly recommended rehabber in Illinois

    I highly recommend Herrick Wildlife Rescue in Herrick, IL. You can find them on facebook. Phone: (home) 618-428-5266 (cell) 217-825-7040

    I drove down there myself last night and talked to the woman and saw her place (a bit), plus you can see her place on facebook. Everything is clean and well-appointed. She is the real deal. No compromise, absolute compassion, a true warrior with a shattered heart for the lives of the small and large wild things (she also has domestic rescues and special needs animals). She provides a super high quality home for those who cannot be released. She never turns anyone away and is available 24 hours/ 365 days a year. The police knock on her door in the middle of the night. She takes the animals that the f#$%ing U of I wildlife medical ward is ready to discard once they are finished teaching their students and soaking up all community donations. She is my kind of gal ! And she has been doing this for 36 years.

    Make a note, if you live within transport distance of her!

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