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Thread: Raising 3 squirrels after Hurricane Irma. Need Help/Advice ASAP

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    Default Raising 3 squirrels after Hurricane Irma. Need Help/Advice ASAP

    I am a first timer to raising squirrels but during the hurricane 3 fell out of their nests. All has been going well for the last 3 weeks or so, however today while opening the cage door while they were outside, Charlie (the juvenile I believe) tried escaping and running out to the wild. I immediately grabbed him, he bit me very hard I am in shock. He also bit me last night while putting him in his cage for bedtime, but not as nearly as hard as just now. I'm bleeding bad.

    Does this mean he is ready to be released? He is still bottle feeding????

    I can't believe he did this. I have no idea how old he is.

    Should I stop handling him? Should I stop feeding him his bottle? Can someone tell me his appx age by a picture and also how to handle this situation. Should I even feed him anymore milk? He wants usually 15mls 2x a day.....Last night he started that chattering too after he bit me when putting him in his cage. Nancy or anyone, please provide guidance on how to handle this boy. I have him kept with 2 little ones from a different litter that are like half his age half his weight. I wanted to wait and release all together as I'm told their chances of survival are greater if there released in pairs or with others, than by themselves.......
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