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    I have a baby squirrel around 3 weeks old and he got milk in his nose and now has all the signs of Pneumonia. What can I do to help him and keep him from dying. He is the only survivor out of three babies. The tree his nest was in was cut down before the hurricane. The ppl waited to see if the mom would return but she never did. My grandparents always raised the baby squirrels that were found but I have never had this issue before. I am heart broken and hoping there is something I can do!

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    He will need antibotics ASAP. Aspiration pneumonia kills quickly, so time is of the essence. Do you have any Baytril, Cipro, Clavamox, or Augmentin? If you don't have one of these, ask around to family or friends to see if someone has any. Even just one pill will do. One you are able to acquire some, we will need the strength of the antibotic and the weight of the baby so that it can be accurately dosed for you. Praying for your little one.
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