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Thread: New to squierrel rehab

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    Default New to squierrel rehab

    Hi, I am new to this adventure and was a bit reluctant but once i realized there was no one else to care for the babies i had to help. I found the babies last week. My guess is that they were either pushed out of their nest or their mother passed away. Yesterday one of the babies opened his eyes. We live in South Dakota and Fox squirrels seem to be the dominant squirrel species. Unfortunately there are no squirrel rehabilitaters is South Dakota. I think i can successfully raise and release one of the squirrels but a couple of days ago i noticed that the littlest fellow has something wrong with one of his front paws. Any thoughts on how i would go about finding someone to adopt him?



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    Hi and welcome here! Can you post up a pic of his paw? That would help us to determine what is going on with it. There is a ton of mediocre info on the internet about raising squirrel babies. The info here has worked with hundreds (thousands?) of babies.

    Keep warm using a heating pad on low and placed so they can move off if they get too hot.

    Use a small 1ml syringe to feed with a rubber nipple (like a Miracle Nipple).

    Esbilac Powdered Puppy formula is easy to find and works well.

    Check out proper feeding technique to avoid aspirating.

    Thanks for stepping up to help them, you are their savior and foster parent now!
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