I have had a baby flying squirrel for about three weeks now, and he's about 9 weeks old. For the past two weeks he for some reason has taken a liking to urinating on the sides of his cage, which seems odd to me as I thought they tended to choose one corner of their cage to go in. Obviously this is rather difficult to clean and sprays out of the cage, so I'm wondering if there is any way to discourage this behavior? Also, the urine has a decently strong smell to it. I will have just cleaned, but as soon as he goes, my entire loft smells again. It's not disgustingly strong, but you definitely smell it walking into the room. I think part of the problem is it's just so difficult for me to clean the cage thoroughly inside and outside, and as he keeps urinating on the sides, the cage doesn't stay clean for very long. The smell never seems to go away. So I was also wondering if anyone might have cleaning suggestions, like a good cleaner that is able to power through the smell and clean more thoroughly than what I'm using now? Now I scrub the entire cage with several cleaning wipes, then wipe down the whole cage with an all natural, non toxic small animal cage cleaning/deodorizing spray. Unfortunately the wipes clearly aren't cutting it and the spray only seems to add one smell on top of the other, which is not altogether pleasant. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!