I know this forum is primarily centered around squirrels but I have seen a couple of people discuss chipmunks and I wasn't certain where else to go. If I'm in the wrong forum, if someone could suggest where else I may go, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have two (now) adult chipmunks that I have raised since before their ears were even open. We found them in the backyard while clearing out an old barn that had fallen in. We left them alone in hopes the mother would come back but, after three days, nothing had changed and my husband and I took them in. They were always hand raised and were very comfortable around people. Vash, the female, was the most friendly. She wanted to be held by everyone and, when let out of her cage, loved to climb on people's shoulders. Brizzy, the male, appears to have some brain damage. His movements are odd as are his habits. He was never fond of being picked up and is generally afraid of everything. The two got along but around this past January Vash started to become violent towards Brizzy and wouldn't let him eat. We separated them when we realized he was getting skinnier and his erratic behavior was growing worse. He is now in his own cage next to her's and seems much happier and is eating regularly. His behavior remains pretty much the same.

But Vash...

Vash, my female, has grown more violent. She now bites anyone that attempts to hold her. She tsks angrily from inside her cage at anyone who walks by. The absolute only time she wont bite is if someone has food in their hand and, even then, they have to drop the food in her food bowl and leave her alone. We noticed this change right around hibernation time so we thought maybe she was simply cranky from not sleeping enough (indoor cage maybe throwing off her sleeping schedule?) But that has passed and they've both gone through their first mating season (separated, of course) but she's still very angry.

They have very large cages (almost seven feet high and four foot wide), they have items to play with and dirt to tunnel, are fed regularly with chipmunk food, fruits, and vegetables...It isn't as if nutrients or cramped containment would be causing the change in behavior.

I've read that chipmunks, in general, do not care to be handled and that females are more aggressive but would puberty change her behavior completely like that? She always loved being around people and held but, due to her behavior, no one has been able to handle her since February and it is now May. Is there something I should be doing or is going to be the new norm?