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Thread: When someone responds to one of my threads...

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    Default When someone responds to one of my threads...

    how do I get notifications to show?

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    Default Re: When someone responds to one of my threads...

    If you mean pop up on your browser, that is not an option that I know of.. you need to do a refresh.

    You can subscribe to the thread (in the thread under "Thread Tools" inside the thread) and use the "instant notification by e-mail" and you will get a message the first time anyone posts in the thread after your last visit to the thread.

    FWIW - Sometimes it is advantageous to stick to a single thread for the same squirrel if there are multiple issues, since knowing the complete history and not just bits and pieces from the new thread can be very helpful (even critical in some cases). It also helps prevent the same questions from being asked in various threads requiring a duplicate response / answer.

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